Understanding Backflow

Getting backflow preventers tested annually is important for eliminating health hazards in your home’s potable water. Annual testing is also required by law for commercial buildings and businesses. AllStar Plumbing, home of your trusted local plumber in Lake Charles, LA, provides backflow prevention services and creates a report to ensure your system is certified for backflow prevention.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is a potentially high-risk health hazard due to the reversal of flow in a plumbing system. The change in flow directs can draw sewage or other unwanted substances, including liquids, gases or solids, into potable water supplies. Backflow is often the result of cross-connections, such as dishwashers or toilets connecting with the clean water source.

What Causes Backflow?

There are two principal causes of backflow that our plumbing company in Lake Charles, LA, can address:

  • Backsiphonage – Like the reduced pressure created by drawing on a straw, back-siphonage is the result of a negative-pressure condition in the potable water supply that draws downstream flow or material into the clean water supply. These deficiencies or vacuums can be caused by high rates of withdrawal, pipe breaks or small pipes.
  • Backpressure – Like blowing on the straw, backpressure moves in the opposite direction. An excess of pressure in the drain system can create a direct cross-connection that pushes unwanted materials into potable water supplies. Causes can be washers, fire-suppression sprinklers, boilers or pumps.

Importance of Backflow Prevention

Backflow preventers are mechanical devices and assemblies installed and maintained by your trusted provider of plumbing services in Lake Charles, LA. These devices react automatically to pressure differences to reduce cross-contamination risk and stop flow reversal. One of the most basic versions is an air gap between an overflow and a flow catch. An example would be a faucet above a sink’s water level.

Backflow prevention designs include:

  • Dual Check Valves
  • Breakers for Atmospheric and Pressure Vacuums
  • Double-Checks
  • Reduced Pressure Designs

The right preventer for your system depends largely on the hazard level. Consult with a qualified technician from AllStar Plumbing to find out which backflow-prevention system is right for your home or business and for plumbing repairs in Lake Charles, LA.

Contact a Local Expert in Backflow Prevention

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