What Causes Slab Leaks?

slab leak in wall

Slab leaks are challenging, to say the least, since they are not as obvious as ones coming from a plumbing fixture or pipe you can clearly see. If you suspect that you have a slab leak, we recommend calling a plumber in Lake Charles, LA from AllStar Plumbing. If you've ever wondered about slab leak causes, we have the answers for you.

Slab Leak Causes

Fractured Water Pipes

One of the main causes of slab leaks include busted water pipes. Over time, pipes under concrete slabs can develop cracks or fractures. If this happens, you may hear sounds of running water, notice a drop in water pressure, or observe other signs suggesting plumbing repairs are likely necessary. Pipe fractures can also be related to soil shifting and friction against concrete.

Irregular Water Pressure

Water pressure that’s too low is another slab leak cause, as it may cause municipal water companies to increase pressure to compensate. On the other hand, water pressure that’s too high can create excess force that weakens pipe joints and contributes to premature wear and slab leaks, some of which may become serious enough to require emergency plumbing services.

Poorly Constructed Foundations

It’s also possible for slab leaks to become an issue if you have a foundation that was poorly constructed. This can happen if your construction company did work that cut corners and failed to take the steps necessary to protect underground pipes. A poorly constructed foundation may also cause slab leaks due to:

  • Over-pouring of concrete in some locations
  • Concrete that’s too thin in other areas
  • An incorrect mixture of concrete

AllStar Plumbing is the plumbing company to call on for all your plumbing-related needs. With slab leaks, we typically use specialized equipment to determine if there’s a leak. If we locate one, we’ll let you know where it’s located and what options are available.

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