Watch Out for These Summer Plumbing Issues

working on kitchen sink drain

With extra family togetherness and time spent outdoors, summer is a wonderful season of the year. However, it also comes with unforeseen hazards to household and commercial plumbing systems. As the top plumber in Westlake, LA, AllStar Plumbing shares some tips on managing summer plumbing issues.

Fixture and Piping Back-ups

Large summer gatherings can quickly overtax fixtures, drains, and pipelines that may have been heading for trouble already. Having an event ruined by a plumbing backup is embarrassing and often leads to expensive clean-up and plumbing repairs. If you’re planning a party, wedding, or other gathering, call us to inspect and evaluate the soundness of your plumbing beforehand to prevent inconvenience, hassle, and stress later on.

Sump Pump Overloads

A summer storm can offer a cool respite from the heat, but brief, intense rainfall may result in runoff that ends up in your basement or crawl space. It’s critical for your sump pump to operate at its peak condition to prevent damage due to this excess water. Our plumbing services include sump pump maintenance and repairs to ensure that your sump pump and piping work when you need them most.

Septic System Problems

If your home employs a septic system, you should be especially conscientious about summertime water usage. Students home on break and visitors to your property can lead to additional laundry and increased bathroom usage, adding to the demands placed on your septic tank. Keeping water usage as low as possible may help to avert the need for emergency plumbing and repair services down the road.

At the first sign of plumbing troubles during summer or any season of the year, contact AllStar Plumbing to request a service visit. As the premier plumbing company, we offer long-lasting solutions to keep your plumbing system in the best shape possible and ensure that issues won’t recur soon. Schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll be ready to assist you.

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