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sump pump inspection

Sump pumps keep your home structurally sound by preventing basements and crawl spaces from flooding and causing water damage. They draw water out of a pit through a pipe and outside of your home. If the sump pump isn’t performing well during heavy rainfalls, your basement and all of your belongings are at risk.

You can rely on a professional plumber in Lake Charles, LA like the experts at AllStar Plumbing to ensure your sump pump is in sound condition. With that in mind, here are the different types of sump pumps you can choose for your home:

Primary Sump Pumps

Primary sump pumps are considered the standard sump pump a plumbing company can offer. They are differentiated in two ways: submersible and pedestal. Pedestal pumps sit upright and shouldn’t get wet, while submersible pumps sit in the pump and are made to function underwater.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Since primary sump pumps operate through electricity, they can be affected by a power outage which is likely to happen in the event of a heavy thunderstorm. This is where battery backup sump pumps can help. They provide extra protection against flooding when the primary pump fails to function or when water exceeds its capacity. We suggest investing in this option the next time you’re in touch with us for plumbing repairs.

Combination Sump Pumps

Combination sump pumps combine the features and benefits of primary and battery backup pumps. They provide the best level of protection against basement and crawl space flooding. Combination pumps are definitely worth the investment, so consider this the next time you need plumbing services.

Whether you need sump pump installation or emergency plumbing repairs, AllStar Plumbing is the one you can trust. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.