4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

water heater

Before a water heater breaks down, there are visible symptoms. With the help of a trusted plumbing company, homeowners can maximize the lifespan of their heater. If you recognize any of the four major signs of a defective heater, AllStar Plumbing can provide affordable and dependable services.

Pipe Leaks can be Dangerous 

Keep an eye out for pools of water around the heater if you suspect that it might need repair. This issue often indicates a leak in the water heater, which if ignored, lead to a dangerous level of pressure and heat. The less serious reason why a water heater may leak is due to a faulty pressure release valve. Another more visible reason to contact one of our water heater technicians is loud noises rumbling in water heater tanks.

Water Heaters Naturally Experience Sediment Buildup

When the water heater tank heats up water, sediments naturally form and gather at the bottom of the tank. An anode rod typically does the job of cleansing the water, but as the tank and rod ages, there is a fair chance the tank will have sediment buildup. AllStar Plumbing recommends contacting us to have a technician drain the tank of sediments. If frequent sediment buildup and a persistent rumbling sound is a problem, it might be time to check the water quality as well.

Rusty water in the water heater tank indicates that the tank needs to be cleaned or replaced altogether. Sediment buildup frequently discolors the contents of water heaters. However, letting sediments conglomerate can wear down the heater if homeowners regularly neglect maintenance. AllStar plumbing advises homeowners to consider a new unit if any of these three signs frequently happen, along with if the heater is older than ten years old.

Take Action Sooner than Later!

It is best to act and replace a water heater before the unit fails and you lose access to hot water in your home. Not only are defective water heaters frustrating, but a risk to families if stagnant water infiltrates homes and the tank overheats. We specialize in water heaters repairs, big and small, and pride ourselves in enhancing the life span of our clients’ heaters!

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