When Should You Turn Off Your Water Heater?

water heater being checked

The water heater is one of the essential appliances in your home, which is why it only makes sense to keep it well-maintained all the time. Fortunately, AllStar Plumbing is here to help you take care of your unit and prevent the need for an untimely water heater replacement.

One of the questions we usually receive from our clients is when is the best time to turn off the water heater. Unless you have a tankless water heater, we recommend against turning on and off your unit often in an attempt to reduce energy costs. We share some answers below:

Are You Going Away on Vacation?

Unless you plan a trip away from your home for longer than a month, you shouldn’t turn off your water heater. Turning on and off the water heater daily is not worth the trouble. First, you might run into issues when you turn on the unit, and you won’t see significant savings. Older water heaters are also at higher risk of experiencing malfunctions. In case this happens, contact us for a prompt water heater repair in Westlake, LA.

Are You Carrying Out Maintenance?

You should turn off your unit during routine water heater maintenance for safety purposes. Westlake, LA, is known to have hard water, which will leave deposits inside the tank and on the anode rod. You may need to empty the entire tank, flush out the sediment, and replace the rod when it’s corroded.

Is the Water Pressure Too Low?

The water pressure might be lower than usual for several reasons, such as a leak and a faulty water heater shut-off valve. In this case, you should turn off the water heater to prevent pressure from building up and causing accidents.

If you have other concerns about your water heater installation, the pros at AllStar Plumbing are always ready to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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