Blogs from July, 2022

Odd Water Heater Sounds

Although it’s common for your water heater to make noise while running, some sounds cause concern. Unless you're a professional plumber, it can be challenging to identify the issue causing the noise.

Luckily, experts at AllStar Plumbing can help you decode the meaning behind those odd sounds. If you suspect anything unusual with your water heater, contact us immediately for prompt water heater repair in Lake Charles, LA.


Your water heater creates this sound for two main reasons. One is sediment buildup inside the tank. This accumulation causes the water to make cracking noises when heated. Another problem this unusual sound indicates is that you have a faulty burner assembly. You cannot fix this issue yourself, so it’s best you contact us to address it.


Excessive water pressure and leaks can cause whistling sounds. If your traditional or tankless water heater makes whistling sounds, contact us immediately. This issue can severely damage your unit. We will rectify the pressure because any pressure beyond 80 psi may cause water heater failure.


Water heaters make rumbling sounds if they aren’t installed properly and don't heat water evenly. In addition, something could be restricting water flow, such as a partially closed pressure relief valve. We will replace the water heater when necessary to correct this issue.


Popping sounds from your water heater usually indicate excess sediment at the bottom of the tank. You can correct this issue by flushing your water heater’s tank yearly to remove sediment buildup.


It isn’t very comforting to hear your water heater making ticking sounds. Thankfully, this issue doesn’t necessarily indicate your water heater is on the edge of exploding. When the pressure changes, you might hear ticking sounds following a new water heater installation. You can insulate your unit to level off the pressure.

Count on AllStar Plumbing to do a thorough job whenever you need water heater maintenance or repair in Westlake, LA, and nearby areas. Contact our team today to book an appointment.