What is a Grease Trap?

grease trap inlet

Whether you need to learn more about grease traps to benefit your commercial operation or simply want to be educated about all types of plumbing services in Lake Charles, LA, the team at AllStar Plumbing is ready with the information you need. We’re local experts when it comes to grease traps, and we offer the following facts about their purpose and operation.

Why are Grease Traps Important?

In most cases, household and commercial wastewater can be safely discharged to a sewage collection or septic system for immediate treatment. However, the wastewater from restaurants, food processors and similar operations generally contains a high percentage of fat, oil and grease. These substances are difficult to remove via standard treatment techniques, and it’s important to have a grease trap installed by a professional plumber in Lake Charles, LA, from our team here at AllStar Plumbing.

How are Grease Traps Constructed?

Grease traps are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. They may be square, rectangular or round in shape, and they feature inlet and outlet pipes that allow water to flow through. The interior of the grease trap includes one or more chambers that collect the grease as it settles out. Our plumbing company in Lake Charles, LA can help you to select the proper grease trap for your operation.

Is Regular Maintenance Required?

A grease trap must be cleaned frequently to prevent unnecessary failure and untimely plumbing repairs in Lake Charles, LA. Periodic inspection and maintenance is also important to ensuring proper operation.

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