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fixing a dishwasher

You may be looking for a plumber in Lake Charles, LA to help you with a dishwasher issue. Finding a team that can help you repair your dishwasher can make all of the difference, especially if you’re someone who depends on that dishwasher to keep your home running. There are different dishwasher issues that you may encounter, some of which will require the expertise of the AllStar Plumbing team and some may need an appliance repair company. To help you with finding if you need a plumber or an appliance repair company, we listed a couple of easy steps.

Dishes Don’t Come Out Clean

One very frustrating dishwasher issue is when dishes don’t come out clean after a wash cycle. If you’re absolutely sure that you haven’t caused the issue due to things like overloading, clogged strain screens, or items that are restricting the spinning motion, you should reach out to AllStar Plumbing. Our plumbing services in Lake Charles, LA will first aim to get to the root of the issue.


One key dishwasher issue that can cause you to reach out for emergency plumbing in Lake Charles, LA is a dishwasher that leaks water onto the floor when the dishwasher is on. Once you check your door and door gaskets for cracks, debris, or anything else that can be causing the issue, reach out for help so that the situation can be taken care of immediately.

Bad Odors

Another reason that you may need our team for reliable plumbing repairs in Lake Charles, LA, and deal with dishwasher issues is if your dishwasher has bad odors emanating from it. This is usually the result of food that’s caught inside the drain screen, but if that’s not the issue, you need someone to come out and locate the issue so that you can be up and running again.

Our plumbing company in Lake Charles, LA is ready to help. Reach out to All Star Plumbing so that we can help you with all of your plumbing needs. Contact our top team today to schedule an appointment.