Why Choose Us for Water Heater Cleaning

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A standard tank-based water heater, on average, lasts from 8 to 12 years. Still, there are a number of ways a plumber in Lake Charles, LA, from AllStar Plumbing can help extend the life of your water heater. This includes professional water heater cleanings. Here’s why you can confidently choose us for this service.

We’re Thorough 

Our plumbing experts meticulously complete cleanings or “flushings” by using the right equipment and checking to ensure the tank – or heating chamber if you’re the owner of a tankless water heater in Lake Charles, LA – is fully cleaned and free of grime, sediment, rust, and various contaminants before considering the job done.

We Address Other Issues

Sine water heater cleanings are a form of water heater maintenance in Lake Charles, LA, other issues can be addressed. For instance, one of our seasoned technicians may spot parts that are showing signs of wear or contributing to inefficient operation. We can then repair or even replace them proactively.

We Ensure a Cost-Effective Cleaning

Routine cleanings reduce sediment and mineral buildup and ultimately minimize the need for needing a new water heater installation in Lake Charles, LA, sooner than expected. This means water heater cleaning can more than pay for itself in terms of the long-term benefits. 

AllStar Plumbing’s water heater cleanings are also cost-effective thanks to our fair and honest rates. Our team is also renowned for our attention to detail. You can also expect the use of reliable techniques and methods when we conduct our services, whether it is a thorough cleaning or water heater repair in Lake Charles, LA.

Give Our Team a Call

Regular water heater cleaning is just one reason to turn to AllStar Plumbing for water heater services. We’re also the local company you can turn to for water heater replacement in Lake Charles, LA, if it’s time to consider a new unit. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to water heater cleanings and other services we offer.

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