Choosing the Right Water Heater

water heater

When your water heater goes out, you will need a plumber in Westlake, LA, who can help you repair or replace your water heater. It’s amazing how much you notice that you can’t go without a water heater when yours goes out. At AllStar Plumbing, we want to help you get your home running properly again. Here are some tips on choosing a new water heater.

Know the Difference

One of the first things that you should learn when you need a water heater installation in Westlake, LA, is about the different kinds of water heaters. There are two main kinds: tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. A tank water heater is the kind that has a tank where water fills. The water is heated and stored inside the tank. In contrast, a tankless water heater doesn’t have a tank because it heats the water as it’s being used.

The Pros and Cons of Each Style

While many homeowners are more familiar with the tank option, buying a tankless water heater might be just the solution for some people. One of the benefits of the tankless version is that you don’t need room for a tank, which is great in smaller utility closets. It’s also nice because you don’t have to be concerned about the tank rusting on the bottom, which means you’re less likely to need a water heater repair in Westlake, LA

At times, a tankless water heater in Westlake, LA can last longer than the tank version. The biggest benefit to a tank water heater is that it costs less than a tankless water heater. Another benefit is that you’ll still have hot water even in a short power outage because the water in the tank will stay hot for several hours and because most tank water heaters run off of gas. 

One of the biggest downfalls is that you might need water heater maintenance in Westlake, LA more often. Fortunately, you can consult our team here at AllStar Plumbing for regular water heater upkeep.

When you’re choosing which type of water heater to get, consider your budget and the amount of space that you have. If you need help choosing, contact AllStar Plumbing. We can provide you a water heater repair or water heater replacement in Westlake, LA. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.

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