Reasons Behind Sediment Buildup

sediment buildup on water heater

Sediment is often caused by hard materials that have settled. While this isn’t always an issue, sediment buildup can be a problem if this settling occurs in your water heater’s tank or other parts that carry water. In fact, excess sediment is one of the reasons why you may need help from a plumber in Lake Charles, LA from AllStar Plumbing. 

As the trusted experts in water heater repair in Lake Charles, LA, we’d like to educate our clients on how to prevent common water heater issues. Below, we’re going to focus on some of the reasons behind sediment buildup.

Mineral-Heavy Water

Mineral-heavy or “hard” water can accelerate your need for a new water heater installation. This can happen as excess minerals contribute to sediment buildup in your tank or connecting pipes that bring in cold water and transport hot water throughout your home. Using a water purification or filtration system can minimize hard water issues.

Not Flushing Your System Annually

You may need to consider a water heater replacement long before the end of the expected lifespan of your water heater if you’re not regularly flushing your system. This is the process of draining the unit so sediment and other materials can be removed. It’s generally recommended that you flush your tankless or standard water heater at least once a year.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Not being diligent about water heater maintenance is another reason why you may have issues with sediment buildup. Sediment can accumulate at a faster pace if your water heater’s pressure is too high or if parts are worn out or damaged. During a routine inspection, one of our plumbing pros can evaluate your water heater to determine if repairs or adjustments are needed.

Whether you’re ready to consider a tankless water heater or looking for routine maintenance to extend the life of the one you already have, AllStar Plumbing is here to help. And we can offer some advice if you need a new water heater because the one you have isn’t sized correctly – which is another reason for sediment buildup. Contact us today for top-notch water heater and plumbing services.

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